Connected Charging, also known as eDrive services, is a service included as part of Connected Package Professional (6C4) and is available for BMW PHEV vehicles.

Benefits of Connected Charging:

POI Recommendation nearby − Once at a charging station, Connected Charging will let you know of any nearby points of interest relevant to you.

Charging Station Availability Forecast − Find out if charging stations are currently occupied, so you can plan ahead. − See charges associated to the charging point on your car’s central display.

Charging Station Reservation − ChargeNow users can reserve charging station of your choice. − As soon as you are within a radius of 20 minutes from the selected charging station, book ahead from within your vehicle.

Key points to note.

  • Only available on PHEV vehicles

  • Connects you to relevant information, making your whole PHEV experience easier

  • Certain services will need a separate ChargeNow subscription

  • Vehicles capable of supporting this service have a 3 year runtime included as part of the Connected Package Professional (6C4)

  • Also known as eDrive services

Why would I buy this?

  • Connected Charging offers intelligent solutions for everyday PHEV ownership

What you will need.

  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional (6U3)

  • BMW Connected Package Professional (6C4)

  • Vehicle software of 11/19 or higher

  • PHEV Vehicle only, with Service Pack 18 underpinnings