Connected Parking forms part of the Connected Navigation umbrella

Part of Connected Package Professional (6C4), Connected Parking takes away the stress of parking no matter where you are.

Use On-Street Parking Information to check the probability of finding free parking spaces as well as recently vacated ones – clearly highlighted to you by Connected Parking.

Parking Space Assistant enables you to search for the best on-street parking or car park nearby. Suggestions will appear on navigation when you are one mile away from your final destination.

Parking Space Information lets you know about any parking restrictions when parking your car on-street, such as times, contact numbers, fees etc.

Key points to note.

  • Offer is dependent on local content and data providers which will at times offer a variance between locations.

  • Connects you to relevant information to improve your parking experience.

  • Availability of services will vary within different locations.

  • Vehicles capable of supporting this service have a 3 year runtime included as part of the Connected Package Professional (6C4).

Why would I buy this?

  • 30% of inner-city traffic is a result of parking search; Connected Parking offers an intelligent solution for you.

  • Few things are more stressful than arriving at your destination and being unable to find a parking space, particularly if you are in an unfamiliar city.

What you will need.

  • BMW Live Cockpit Professional (6U3)

  • BMW Connected Package Professional (6C4)

  • Vehicle software of 03/19 or higher