BMW Connected+ brings a new level of seamless integration between your BMW and your smartphone.

Using our mobile cloud technology Connected+ provides increased functionality both within and outside your BMW.

With Send my Routes you can plan your journey from your smartphone and send it to your car ready to be activated the minute you leave. Sharing live status allows you to send arrival time updates based on real-time traffic data, to whoever is expecting you so you can concentrate on the driving. As you leave your car at the end of your journey your smartphone will pick up the navigation and deliver you on-foot to your final destination.

How does it work?

Key points to note.

  • The BMW Connected App is required to enable this service.

  • Use via an iPhone, Apple watch or Android device.

  • Uses data from the connected smartphone device.

  • Your BMW vehicle must be linked to your ConnectedDrive account.

Why would I buy this?

  • Connected+ increases the integration between your personal digital device and the technology in your car.

  • Route planning has never been easier – plan it on your smartphone from the comfort of your sofa before you leave.

  • Sharing your map data and arrival time with your colleagues is done with a simple click.

  • Navigate door-to-door wherever you are going including walking directions on your smartphone.

What you will need.

  • A compatible smartphone running Apple iOS or Android operating systems.

  • Vehicle needs BMW Professional Navigation (ID5 or above).