BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant completely revolutionises the way you'll interact with your BMW through voice control.

The car will respond instantly to the spoken command 'Hey BMW' and can control various car functions and features including climate control, lighting, and in-car entertainment even orchestrating them intelligently.

It can be used to control the navigation, or as a personal office assistant for calendar or to-do list functions.

Constantly updating and evolving with new skills, Intelligent Personal Assistant will change the way you manage your driving environment. It’s the next best thing to having a personal assistant in the car with you.

How does it work?

Key points to note.

  • The car will by default react to the driver saying “Hey BMW”.

  • The driver can personalise by simply saying “Hey BMW, change the activation word”.

  • The driver has full control of the speech and learning functionalities via the “Data privacy” menu.

Why would I buy this?

  • Imagine being able to tell the car you’re cold and it instantly reacting to your requirements – with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant you can.

  • The system learns your vehicle preferences and sets them automatically.

  • A huge safety advance, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on the driving experience.

  • This is just the start, the system is going to constantly evolve and improve.

What you will need.

  • BMW Operating System 7.0 and Live Cockpit Professional.