BMW Intelligent Voice Assistant is the next generation of voice control for your BMW - activated by a single button push on your steering wheel.

Want to call home to advise of your arrival - just say 'Call Home'.

Need to change your navigation destination - just speak the name of the relevant location without the need to scroll through lists or multiple options or take your eyes from the road.

BMW Intelligent Voice Assistant utilises cloud-based server technology which means that the voice searches are done ‘offboard’ meaning that the system ‘learns’ as it develops – understanding linguistic variations, dialects and jargon.

The cloud-based technology also makes the update cycles that much quicker – with new software and language recognition improvements being invisibly applied to the system.

Key points to note.

  • If you have Online Entertainment your whole music library can be controlled by voice.

  • One button on the steering wheel activates the system.

  • Can be used with other optional technologies to improve the dictation of text messages and emails.

Why would I buy this?

  • A simple, convenient and safe way to interact with your BMW.

  • Allows natural language to be used for various commands and searches.

  • Offboard processing means improvements are constant and seamless.

What you will need.

  • Email and text dictation requires an Android smartphone.

  • Email can be dictated from an Apple iPhone so long as email has been set up through the BMW ConnectedDrive portal.