RTTI is a 'real-time' traffic data and alternative route guidance system built into BMW navigation and it's included for three years on all new BMWs.

RTTI uniquely combines information from a number of sources, including other BMWs, GPS devices in smartphones and vehicle fleets as well as the emergency services to accurately present the current traffic situation to an accuracy of a few hundred metres.

Traffic flows are displayed on the vehicle navigation screen using a colour coding scheme with data updates every three minutes.

Intelligent route guidance constantly looks for time efficient alternatives and recommends potential detours.

How does it work?

Key points to note.

  • Initially included with all new vehicles for three years.

  • Coverage includes all major road networks and motorways in the UK as well as pan-European networks.

Why would I buy this?

  • Unlike smartphone mapping systems RTTI uses the data on the SIM card in your BMW.

  • RTTI keeps you updated on the traffic situation as it develops to the nearest 100m.

  • The data refreshes every three minutes.

  • RTTI looks for potential alternative routes at all times, allowing you to react to tailbacks and road closures in good time.

  • Coverage is increasing all the time to include motorways, major roads and minor roads as well as numerous inner-city routes.

What you will need.

  • Available on all BMW models built from July 2013 with built-in navigation