With Remote Services you can connect to your BMW at all times.

Check your car is locked - and lock it if it isn't, plan ahead with online search and send addresses directly to your navigation, locate your car in a street or car park with vehicle finder and headlight flash.

With the additional functionality of our hybrid and electric BMWs you can heat or cool your car remotely prior to departure so that it’s a comfortable temperature for when you set off – you’ll never use an ice-scraper again. Pre-conditioning also has a positive effect on the efficient use of the batteries in the car as less power is required to heat or cool the car once on the move.

How does it work?

Key points to note.

  • Comes as standard on all new BMW vehicles.

  • Available and active for the cars lifetime.

  • Can be used through the Connected App or by calling the BMW Customer Information Centre.

  • Remote Services purchased through the ConnectedDrive store are active for 1 year and renewable thereafter.

Why would I buy this?

  • Peace of mind at all times with the ability to check the lock status of your BMW and unlock/lock it remotely if required.

  • Finding your car in a busy car park is easier than ever with the option to flash the lights or using vehicle finder.

  • The temperature pre-conditioning option on hybrid and electric BMWs is an early morning game-changer!

What you will need.

  • Standard on all BMW vehicles produced after March 2018.

  • Requires activation in the users ConnectedDrive portal or the Connected App.