The ‘Connected Car’ is here.

With Remote Software Upgrades you can be assured your BMW is benefitting from the latest security and functionality software without the inconvenience of needing to schedule a visit to a service centre.

Upgrades are downloaded via a smartphone with the Connected App or directly into the car, providing security and functionality upgrades. Every software update will be communicated to you via your BMW's display and the Connected app.

How does it work?

Key points to note.

  • Software will be improved and upgraded up to three times every year, or more frequently in the case of any urgent updates.

  • Although updates are available to the car ‘over-the-air’ we recommend downloading to a mobile phone via Wi-Fi which is then connected to the car via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to transfer the update whilst driving.

  • The installation of the software has to be done whilst the car is stationary – the system will prompt the user to start the process which will take typically about 20 minutes.

  • This service is free on all new suitable vehicles for three years.

Why would I buy this?

  • As vehicles become more and more reliant on sophisticated software to run many of the systems it’s vital that they are kept up to date.

  • Traditional vehicles have had these updates applied whilst in service departments at BMW retailers but this new way of updating is far quicker and simpler for the driver.

  • Just like a smartphone or a PC, your car will always operate more efficiently and effectively running the latest software.

What you will need.

  • Only available as part of Live Cockpit Professional package.

  • A smartphone with the BMW Connected App and a ConnectedDrive account is required to act as the bridge if that route is chosen for the updates (recommended).

  • Push messages enabled on your smartphone to be informed of available updates.